Diagnostic IVD Immunohistochemistry Reagents & Life science &Research purposes
Strongest IVD Immunohistochemistry Suppliers Quartett –Germany & Diagnostic Biosystems-USA Medaysis- USA
Strongest Research & Life Science Suppliers Abclonal & Bioss Antibodies Service bio & ELK Biotechnology
The Strongest Research & Life Science Suppliers BT LAB & Fine Test Elabscience & Abbkine
Antibodies Detections kits & Instruments Ancillaries & Special Stains Microtomes & Tissue processor Embedding System Water Bathes Positive Charge Slides
Life Science Antibodies & ELISA Kits PCR products & DNA/ RNA Extraction kits Cell Cultures & Flow Cytometer Biochemical kits & Assay kits Cell Function kits & Disease / Food Safety Recombinant Proteins
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Since 2012, ZAAD EGYPT has been committed to enhancing immunohistochemistry results by providing innovative anatomic pathology reagents and systems to improve the practice of pathology. Since our inception, our prime focus has been to provide high quality products and exceptional customer service and support.



Find here our IVD/CE certified products intended for oncology diagnosis.
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Find our ranges for research: primary and secondary antibodies, reagents for IHC .
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